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Carvin TL60

I ordered this guitar from the Carvin web site, without talking to any of the sales people on the phone or anything. It was quite a weird experience.

Notable features:

  • Alder neck and body, tung oil finish
  • Active electronics and Fishman Piezo-Acoustic bridge
  • C22N and C22B (later swapped out for a M22SD)
  • Coil tap switches for both pickups.

I have since sold this guitar to my bass-playing friend Tony, and replaced it with a similar instrument (see Carvin DC127).

Sometimes I feel a little silly about letting this one go, because its playability was extremely high – it just felt really comfortable. The DC127 I ordered to replace it – although I liked the slight changes in specifications that I made – just doesn’t feel the same.

Tony is really enjoying it so I’m glad about that.

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  1. Tony Uren

    Yes, love the TL60 playability! Thanks Colin – I really appreciate you letting me buy this from you 🙂

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