Serial# 423649

When I sold my TL60 to Tony The Bass Player, I ordered up a replacement instrument with similar specs:

  • DC127
  • Fixed Bridge
  • Tung-oiled Alder neck and body
  • Rounded body style
  • No inlays
  • CT-style headstock
  • C22B, H22N pickups
  • Fishman Piezo-Acoustic bridge
  • DC200-style active electronics
  • Black chrome hardware

Basically I wanted the same specs as my old TL60 but with the following changes:

  • rounded body sides (not available on TL60)
  • No tremelo (the piezo pickup was sensitive to creaks and popping sounds)
  • No neck inlay dots (I like the clean look)

I’ve never felt the same way about this guitar as I did about the TL60. This surprised me – it was supposed to be a better instrument for me. However it remains a quality instrument.

Update: I’ve gifted this guitar to my godson who no doubt will play it more than I did.