Kenny Gioia may be one of the primary reasons the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is so popular. For any specific feature you can name, there is apparently a YouTube video by Kenny that demonstrates and explains it. He has. An odd way. Of speaking. That is disconcerting at first. But after a while, you get used to it, and I find it very easy to absorb the information Kenny is relating.

For my own benefit, I’m going to keep an index of videos I’ve found useful when researching how to map a specific SONAR feature to Reaper’s functionality. At least, that was my intention when I started.

Master Bus, and Track vs. Buss in general:

Track Folders:


Working with external MIDI sound modules:

  • External Keyboard or Synth in Reaper (except this isn’t working for me yet!)
  • Update: It *does* work but I have no idea what I did. Maybe the input monitor button was involved? Must research further.

Arrangement, Markers, and Time-base Rulers


Time signature changes:

Take management, and comping:

Customizing the editing experience:


Driving a multi-timbral VSTi with multiple tracks (e.g. Split tracks for drums)

"Fit to improvisation":

Drum Maps:

Groove clips and time-stretching:

Export to WAV (rendering a mix):

MIDI Editing

Noise reduction:


I should probably stop adding things to this list, because after a while it’s just going to look like the complete index of Kenny’s videos on his site, here.