Well, it’s been a while. Just over a year ago I took a full-time job and it has pretty much consumed all available free time. So musically, things have definitely been on hiatus. However, I have been keeping an eye out for sales and deals and there has been some re-tooling going on here in the Studio. I didn’t acquire or upgrade these all in one go! It’s been 13 months.

Recent software arrivals:


I have no idea at this point which instruments are going to get used in the next project, but I should have some fun figuring that out.

The Circles project is still a thing: I have songs planned out, musical ideas and full lyrics; just nothing committed to disk at this point.

My next project might be something different, though. More to come on that. Let’s just say it involves escaping the “Tyranny of the Grid”.

I also need to sell or donate some equipment.