I was so excited by the feature set and demo videos of Presonus’ Studio One v.2.0 that I went onto the online store and ordered the wrong upgrade package.

Fortunately it is now sorted out…

I’m a long-time Cakewalk SONAR user, but earlier this year I took advantage of a $20 license of the “Artist” edition of Studio One 1.6. After reading about the Project Mastering window in the Pro version, I soon upgraded, and have been using Studio One Pro for mastering my CD compilations for the last few months.

v 2.0 of Studio One, announced a couple of days ago, might just be the best update ever. It seems to address pretty much all the concerns I had about potentially switching to the Studio One platform from SONAR, and the upgrade price was very attractive.

Given my dissatisfaction with the development path of Cakewalk SONAR X1, there’s nothing to prevent me from switching except perhaps inertia. I have a new project that I’m ready to start… and no excuses for not giving it a whirl in Studio One 2.0.