So this evening we’re going to write a Fugue.


I mapped it out in the structure of this mega-opus. Right here, see? “Part 4: Interrupt and Fugue”.

Do you really think this composition needs a fugue?

Sure. Every mega-opus has a fugue in it. It’s “cool” and it’s how people know that you’re, you know, a serious composer.

…You do know what a fugue is, don’t you?

Sure! It’s a fiddly bit with multiple voices that come in one by one, playing with counterpoint and harmony until everything explodes together in a joyous cascade of notes. Sometimes more than once.

…um, OK. You really think you can write one?

Come on, how hard can it be? We already have a bunch of themes to work with. And, of course, I’ll have your help too, naturally.

Hello? Muse? Are you still there?