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New Amplifier

The AudioSource AMP100 recently experienced a 50% price cut in my “save for later” shopping cart on Amazon, so I took advantage and purchased:

It replaces the old Dick Smith Electronics kitset amplifier that a) runs on 240 V and b) was starting to crackle. One nice thing about the AMP100 is that it has an A-B speaker switch on the front, which allows me to switch between my Behringer TRUTH 2031P monitors, and a pair of Boston Acoustic bookshelf speakers.

Next step: Obtaining an SPL meter and calibrating the room for K-System monitoring.


  1. Delivery Jobs

    how much is the price for this amp?

  2. colin_replies

    Rick, it was US$ 89 on

  3. mp3 portable speakers

    will you tell me qualities and differences between any other amp?

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