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The Q Files

I’ve cross-graded the web site to use a WordPress framework, instead of the older and now neglected BlogEngine.NET. I’ve written about the process elsewhere, but I wanted to say that, despite a well-practiced and debugged process, I discovered a bunch of links were wrong. I think I’ve got them all sorted out now. Please let me know if you find a broken one.

It’s been some time

What’s new, you may ask?

  • I’ve been a beta-tester for Infinite Response’s new “kitset” controller keyboard, the VaxMIDI. More on that later, perhaps;  
  • I’ve acquired some new non-kitset hardware: A Mopho SE from Dave Smith Instruments, and the new PEAK desktop synth module from Novation.
  • I replaced the foam cone in my PD-120 (bought off e-bay) and connected it to the SPD-20 along with the kick and hhat pedals. Next steps: program up a nice internal kit on the SPD-20, then assign MIDI notes and start hitting Toontrack’s Superior Drummer.
Jonah lays down some sick beats

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