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Month: April 2020

First Quarter End Game

January 1
In 2013, we climbed the Steel Tree. In 2020, the Inevitable happens.

January 30
Frantically trying to finish the last track; having trouble with bass+drums co-ordination, my own stupid fault. May have cracked the problem yesterday. Album artwork coming together. Forward…

March 10
Album artwork is, I think, mostly complete. Currently working on the guitars on the final track.

March 25
Album recording is completed. Mastering basically done (just a couple more listening tests on different environments).
Currently working on a teaser video.

April 23
Dithering is good for sample rate conversion; not so good for deciding when to send the mastered files to manufacturing. However, final tweaks are complete; it’s not going to sound any better, so, it’s done.

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