Progress is slow but there is progress. It’s Drum Week. Again. I’m replacing the guide drums on a track called “Enlightenment”. I don’t have the original MIDI, just a rendered stereo track of rather monotonous samples that was created by a lot of cut-n-paste back in the day. This allowed me to build up a pretty complete “demo” with keyboards, bass, guitar, vocals, etc… all sitting on this temporary drum track, which has to go. By playing along with a cut-down mix of bass plus a few keys, we can get some very nice results including a few creative tempo variations. Onward!

I’ve been experimenting with Overloud’s TH3 and I’m seriously considering re-wiring my bass in stereo.

Working on drum tracks here at Casa Prodigale.

As a diversion, here’s a fabulous live rendition of a song by Official Frost*; the music might not be to your taste but you have to admire the tight vocal harmonies, and that drum part! I’d say it is inspiring but mostly it is just sad how good it is. I can see why Steven Wilson snapped up Blunders for his live tour…