The Shamblemaths CD showed up in January. I’m looking forward to spinning this one.

I’m always nervous about listening to new music because I have this horrible feeling I’ll hear something I really like and then be creatively stuck in the sense of “writing music in the style of..” if I’m lucky, and “totally ripping off…” if I’m not.

But usually, the opposite happens. Feed your head with lots of different new stuff, and this can free up your creative juices and break through writer’s block.

I had a good moment in the car the other day, after listening to some Marillion. The iPhone’s handy Voice Recorder app is invaluable for capturing these inspiration moments… hopefully the final result won’t be “rip off”. By the time I actually record it, it will sound different anyway. It always does.

It looks like a whole lot of nothing has been going on here recently, and that is largely true. However, I have been writing a lengthy piece of music in my head which I’m thinking is going to fill out album #2, if I ever get around to, you know, actually recording it. At least it isn’t writer’s block keeping me from the studio. It’s partly work (the day job); and partly waiting for some bits of equipment to arrive (I’m looking at you, VaxMidi).

In other news, as an exercise, I remastered the tracks on the GTR album from 1986 this evening, to boost the bass and cut down on the shrill hi-frequencies.

And, ooh, a revamped Piano-Roll View in the latest SONAR update. Timely.