In August I gave in and pre-ordered the Behringer Deepmind 12. I’m really feeling the need for a knobby analog poly again (I still miss the Jupiter-6).

Also, someone ordered our CD. Thanks, whoever you were.

Strymon are really rocking it in the effect pedal department. If I had infinite money… as it is, I’ll have to have a disclaimer to the effect of “no Strymon pedals were used in the making of this album. Unfortunately.”

Here’s an article about mastering audio from September that makes a ton of sense:

Editors Note, August 2020: Alas, the web page is no longer available. I have found an archived copy on the Internet Way-Back Machine:

I’ve saved this in PDF format, just in case.

Things to do when recovering from food poisoning #1: fine tune a Moog Taurus patch on the Mopho SE and re-record that bass track.

I’ll probably use it once, but at $13 it is a no-brainer. Klevgränd produktion PADS VST. If I can just free up some time this weekend, I’ll give it a spin.

Looks like the DeepMind 12 is shipping to some lucky early adopters. I have one on pre-order but I’m not expecting it to arrive until early next year.