a fully operational battle station

Here I was, getting all inspired n’ stuff, and Radiohead goes and releases another four minute slab of genius. Well done, boys.

SONAR 2016.05 is out, and has a new user interface theme which is pretty nice.

While waiting for the VaxMIDI to show up, I’ve been playing around with FingerFiddle:


It is pretty damn’ impressive. In fact, I replaced the sampled cello track on “Painting Abstracts” from our first album, to see how it worked.

It shows up at around 2’30” in the remixed version, released digitally as part of Fruit of the Steel Tree 2.0, available on BandCamp:

I will totally be making room for this in future projects. Recommended. Actually, no, I’d rather keep it as a secret weapon.

In other news, at the last meeting of Analog Anonymous, no-one was paying any attention to the speaker… we were all watching this on our phones, over and over: