Oct 17

Things had to take a back seat for a bit while other things happened. I’ve curated the bucket of vocal takes and they are ready to replace the previous vocals in The Current Project. Also recorded a few more vocal lines that will mean that the final section will have to be extended by 8 bars… but on the plus side, this means that the musical themes from part 1 and part 2 get to co-exist for a short while right at the end. Symmetry like this makes me happy, so I’ll probably do it.

Oct 19

“The Project” is up on blocks with its guts strewn over the studio floor and I’m thinking I made a terrible mistake. It was just an 8-bar change!

Oct 28

Wil Wheaton writes, “I need to read so that my imagination is inspired. I need to read so I get an artistic and creative hunger that can only be fed by writing.”

I believe this is true for artists of any medium. I have found myself putting aside the latest CD – unlistened – by a favorite artist ( Imogen Heap for example ) because I’m afraid that it will be SO GOOD that I will despair of ever being inspired, original, and creative… and yet: One sure way to dig yourself into a creatively dead hole is to concentrate only on your own music for long periods of time. You need to give your brain a break, and give it some creative protein.

Yes, there’s a risk that you’ll get all inspired and start writing a song and find out that, actually, that cool riff is just way too similar to the one you heard last week in the new Glass Hammer album. However, if my experience is typical, then you’re definitely not going to come up with anything original unless your brain and subconscious have been well-fed, with a balanced diet.

So go listen to something! And then something different!