It’s been quiet here in the Studio last month, but house guests and The Day Job will have that result. I’m down one guitar, gifted to the godson, but the Great Work continues: Polishing lyrics.

I will no longer make the mistake of working insane hours on the instrumental tracks before figuring out that it needs a bar of 6/8 and a key change, the first time I try singing.

Cure for Writer’s Block? A new softsynth.

In August, the Studio workstation gets upgraded to Windows 10!
Sky doesn’t fall!

Also in August: The Studio workstation gets down-up-graded to previous Windows 7! Sky still doesn’t fall, but engineer is much happier!

New bass strings!
New bass track!
New callouses! (working on the third one)

And today, the Studio computer undergoes brain transplant (upgrading to SSDs)