Good news: New carpet is getting installed in the studio.
Bad News: I have to Pack up All The Things.

So that “new toy” I hinted at earlier showed up last week. A fine product of Tech 21 NYC, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI. It took some tweaking of knobs, and reading of the manual, but in short order I had the sound I was looking for. This is the closest thing to a “Sounds-Good-er” pedal I’ve ever used. Currently replacing the guide bass on the latest project using the Agile Guitars / Brice Defiant 53437 bass – and it is awesome.

With the studio basically empty except for my desk and DAW, I spent a couple of hours “comping” which means listening to multiple takes (of my vocals, yuk) and selecting the best parts out of which to construct a single, “best performance”. Cakewalk Software’s SONAR 2015 has some nice tools specifically for this process, however to date, I don’t use them in my specific quirky workflow. They are still awesome, though.

This week is all about recording vocals and backing vocals.

And did you know that the word “lyrics” comes from “to be accompanied by lyre”? It’s obvious in hindsight. I have no lyre tracks in this current project. Unless you count guitar. There are many of those.