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Month: July 2010

31 July 2010

I put new strings on the bass this week, in preparation for cleaning up Playing with the Big Boys. Now it’s practice time, gotta build up those callouses again.

The Great Escape

I need to stop messing about and get serious about completing these songs and then releasing them. Starting now.

Okay, the first track on the album will be a slow, instrumental orchestral-type thing that builds to a crescendo and segues into the first “real” song.

The demos were titled “The Great Escape” and so that is what it is called.

192kbps MP3


God Program Omnipotence Demo

I’ve finished the Telecaster tracks on GodProg:Enlightenment, and moved on to :Omnipotence.

There’s something about the Telecaster… it just sounds so great. In some ways it is sad to replace the existing tracks, which feature the Ibanez 540s, my old faithful. But it’s all about the tone, and the Telecaster’s got it.

The end of the track has a solo in some freaking strange time signature, reminiscent of Siberian Khatru but I don’t care.

The GodProg suite is slated for Album#2 so technically I’m not supposed to be working on this yet. But the only way I’ve found to keep moving forward is to follow the muse.

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