Guitar Center -the Wal-Mart of musical instruments – are having a “green tag” sale this month. Normally I ignore their advertising bumf that appears in our mailbox. Their “deals” are never quite as good as they make out. Online stores will offer a better selection and better prices. This is sad for the local stores. (On the other hand, if there was a local store run by people I respect and wanted to support, I’d go there. But I haven’t found one yet. It probably doesn’t exist.)

OK, so the point is, I *did* browse the flyer and saw a bunch of things I was interested in. After actually visiting the premises, I escaped having merely purchased a new microphone. It’s a MXL 2001 condenser, requiring 48v phantom power but that’s ok, I have that on the Mackie 1604 mixer.

Initial tests are good. It’s very sensitive, in fact it picks up the drone of the fan in the computer. *sigh*. Hopefully I can use it for vocals and percussion and stuff, without resorting to isolation boxes or sound-proofed closets. The picture shows the mic with the standard “coathanger+nylons” pop filter.