Fruit of the Steel Tree

Welcome to my collection of notes and scribblings about our debut collection of songs.

2017 - Updated Special Edition

Since the CD was originally released, I have noticed a few things I wished I had done differently. Mostly involving taking things out that shouldn't have been there; boosting vocals and backing vocals and improving clarity by tightening up the EQ on drums, bass, and vocal tracks. In some rare cases, I've completely removed or replaced a specific instrument in the mix.

I remastered the tracks to an integrated loudness level of -12 LUFS, slightly more dynamic than the original release.

The 2017 version of the album is refined, tweaked, and preferred; and now available in digital form, from BandCamp. You can read lyrics; purchase and/or stream the tracks from here:

2013 - Initial Release

Our debut collection of songs is called "Fruit of the Steel Tree", and was released to the world in 2013 on CD Baby!

CD Baby

Music by Colin Nicholls & Walter Nicholls
Lyrics by Colin Nicholls

Performed, engineered and produced by Colin Nicholls
Recorded in a spare room in Marin County, California, July 2010 - October 2013

Melodic progressive rock songs and instrumental interludes, a touch of 70's influence
but a product of the dystopian Now.

This release is still available as a physical CD from

Update May 2020: Unfortunately, CD Baby have recently closed their online store, and as of writing there may be some disruption of delivery to other retailers (e.g. Amazon) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


For more information, lyrics, production notes, and earlier versions, and demos from the archives, click on the track titles below:

  Side 1

1. Head in the Game

2. Playing with the Big Boys

3. Painting Abstracts (on location)

4. A Sample of One

5. Solo Flight

Side 2

6. Prologue

7. The Steel Tree

8. Into the Shade

9. Interlude I

10. Selling the Dragon

11. Interlude II

12. Future Imperfect

13. Epilogue