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New track, and SONAR color schemes

[Note: Since moving web hosts, I have misplaced or lost the original color schemes that were made available here. Sorry! Instead, here are some SONAR 6.2 color schemes in .clr format.]

To celebrate completion and publishing of our latest track (Playing With The Big Boys), I am also releasing a couple of SONAR 6 color schemes that I have been using for some time:

Stickman Alternate.clr.txt

Prodigal ColorClips.clr.txt

Click on the image to see a larger view.

If you want to try the color schemes out, you should right-click on the link and select ‘Save Target as..’ or ‘Save Link as…’ and save the file on your local disk. Then rename to remove the “.txt” extension.

Then, in the SONAR 6.2 Color Options dialog, choose to import the scheme. (Remember to save the scheme with an appropriate name, because the name of the file is not retained in the options dialog.)

SONAR 6 arrives, Track Icons

Every September the buzz about Cakewalk’s latest upcoming version of their flagship Digital Audio Workstation application, SONAR, gets stronger. Lately they’ve been on a 12 month release cycle (which is pretty aggressive if you ask me). SONAR 6 was released last week and I, having pre-ordered my upgrade copy as per usual, received the package promptly. So far I think it is pretty cool. Like SONAR 5 before it, there are some major features that warrant the version number change, but I probably won’t make full use of them. There is, however, enough in the box to make me happy and (hopefully) keep me productive.

To celebrate, I’m making some Track Icons available. “Track Icons” are a feature added in SONAR 5 but in response to a flurry of activity on the SONAR Wiki, I re-created track icons for some of my instruments to celebrate the arrival of Version 6, and I am making them available here. (Just right-click and save each image into the Sonar track icons folder.)

Cakewalk SONAR 4

So Cakewalk has just announced SONAR 4. Wow. According to the feature list, this release will address every single one of my most-requested features:

  • At last: a navigator view.
  • At last: group tracks into folders.
  • At last: a nudge feature for making small adjustments in position.
  • At last: color preferences that stay with the track as you re-sort them.
  • At last: an audio metronome. No more routing a MIDI click track to one of my synths.
  • The “freeze” function for rendering selected tracks to a mix behind the scenes to free up processor power is pretty cool also.

They’ve also thrown in AV and surround-sound support, neither of which I’m particularly excited about, although if I was doing movie soundtracks I’d probably flip.

Over the last few months I’ve been working steadily away using SONAR 3 and if you’d asked me if I expected to upgrade I would have said “forget it”. But I’m placing my advance upgrade order tonight.

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